A Guy Slept in a Stranger’s House After Mistaking It for His Airbnb

 It’s a good thing the homeowner here is a calm, collected individual.  Because this could have gone very differently:  A guy named Paul Drecksler recently went to Miami to officiate a friend’s wedding, and rented an Airbnb.



He got in around 2:00 A.M. and was tired from his trip.  So he headed straight to the Airbnb and went to sleep . . . without realizing it WASN’T actually his Airbnb.



It turned out he’d wandered into a neighbor’s GUEST ROOM.  And he didn’t know it until the guy woke him up the next morning.



The guy who lived there knocked on his door . . . which was pretty polite, considering Paul had technically broken into his house.



He said, “Can I help you?” and asked why he was there.  So Paul informed him that he’d rented the place on Airbnb.  But he eventually realized he was wrong.



His Airbnb was right next door.  And he was so tired, he got the address wrong.  It was even more confusing, because the guy happened to have the room all set up for guests.  There were even two fresh towels on the bed.



The owner of the home was really nice about it, and walked him over to where his actual Airbnb was.  Paul says going forward, he’ll always triple-check the address first.