A Guy Threatens to Set an Apartment Building on Fire When a Prostitute Runs Off with His $25

This definitely feels like a “you get what you pay for” situation.

There’s a 53-year-old guy named Dean Ley from Swansea, Wales.  And last month, he met up with a prostitute named Kirsty and paid her $25 for a sexual favor.

But . . . she pocked his money and ran off into her apartment building.

So Dean started flicking his cigarette lighter and yelling he was going to burn down the entire building if she didn’t come back. 

Someone called the cops, and he was arrested for making arson threats.

He made bail four days later and promptly broke into a charity that helps disabled children.  So . . . he was charged for that burglary too.

Dean was in court this week and was sentenced to two years in prison.  (Daily Mirror)  (Here’s his mugshot.)

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