A Rich Guy Gave Away $200,000 in Free Gas, and It Caused Huge Traffic Jams

Have you ever tried to do something nice, and it backfired?  WILLIE WILSON is a successful businessman in Chicago.  He’s also run for mayor twice . . . for president in 2016 . . . and for Senate in 2020.  But he’s never won.



Anyway, he announced on Twitter this week that he wanted to give back by covering $200,000 worth of FREE GAS for people.



The giveaway happened yesterday, and ten gas stations around Chicago got in on it.  You could just show up and get $50 worth of gas without paying.  Which was pretty cool of him.  But unfortunately, it also caused huge TRAFFIC JAMS.



The giveaway started at 7:00 A.M., but people started lining up for it around 2:00 A.M.  So roads near the gas stations were jammed up all morning.  Every single one had cars around the block.  (Here’s footage of traffic at one of the stations.)



People at the ten gas stations collectively blew through the 200 grand in about three hours, and then things settled down.  But it was nuts for a while.



Most people seemed to think it was a nice gesture, especially the ones who got gas.  But others complained that they ended up using MORE gas just battling the traffic.



Willie refused to apologize, and said he was just trying to do something nice for people.  He’s already planning at least one more gas giveaway for March 31st, and says he wants to expand it to the suburbs this time.



(WGN / ABC7)

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