Bakersfield Is the best place to live for poor people!

If you’re poor… Bakersfield is the place to be!¬†According to online moving-services marketplace¬†, someone making $14 per hour would need to work only 52 hours and 24 minutes per month to afford a one-bedroom apartment in Bakersfield. That’s right for the bare minimum of 52 hours a month of work, you could live in a luxuries palace, in a 1 bedroom apartment.

But for all the fast food workers that make less than that.. then you don’t make enough for a 1 bedroom apartment. So having 2 jobs and working all the time is the solution.

Tucson, Ariz. Came in second place so you can only imagine what type of horrible city that could be. Third went to Fresno, which is a little more expensive than Bakersfield but pays the same minimum wage.

So for now… Looks like your never leaving Bakersfield.

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