Coronavirus Insanity: Narcissists Love Being Essential Workers, People Realize They Have Hearing Problems, and More


1.  A new study found narcissists love being considered “essential workers” . . . because they love the thought of being considered a hero.  The majority of the essential worker narcissists in the study were grocery store employees.

2.  The pandemic has made more people realize they have hearing problems . . . now that they can’t see someone’s lips when they talk.  It turns out they were relying on lip reading to offset the hearing issues they didn’t even know they had.

3.  I’m guessing this is the first time in history college kids have told their parents they want to come home for Thanksgiving and their parents are like, “Nah.”  Parents all over are telling their kids in college NOT to come home for Thanksgiving because of the risk.

4.  Toilet paper is a commodity again, everyone.  A guy from Oregon was busted for stealing 108 rolls of toilet paper from someone’s home in Washington.

5.  Need to let out some pent up frustration during the pandemic?  Call the screaming hotline at 561-567-8431.  You can also listen to recordings of other people’s screams into the hotline at  (Warning!  The screams are unedited and some contain profanity.)

6.  A school board member in Hackensack, New Jersey resigned after she accidentally left her camera on while she used the bathroom during a Zoom meeting . . . so almost 150 people saw her doing her business.

And in a separate incident, a reporter in New Brunswick, Canada forgot to mute his mic before he went to the bathroom during a government meeting . . . so everyone heard the whole thing.

7.  The airline industry is in the final stages of creating a “digital passport” app where you’d store your coronavirus test results and vaccine records . . . and you’d need that to be able to fly.

8.  A new study ranked 53 countries by the best place to be during the pandemic to the worst.  New Zealand is the best . . . Mexico is the worst . . . and the U.S. ranked 18th.

9.  Two grandparents in Texas figured out a safe way to be with their family on Thanksgiving . . . they ordered six-foot cardboard cutouts of themselves and shipped them to their two sets of grandkids in Texas and California.

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