Dangerous “Street Take overs” By idiots land some in jail, while others assault police officers.

On May 7th, 2022, at 8:42 the BPD received a report of over 300 vehicles blocking the intersection of Brundage land at A street. The first police units arrived on scene at 8:47 PM; however, due to the violent nature of the participants, request for additional law enforcement resources where called in. Officers on scene were assaulted and significantly out numbered. After back up arrived they scattered like scared children. Then they decided to meet up again at Mount Vernon avenue and Columbus Street. After seeing police they ran away like scared children again. But after grouping up again on Rosedale Highway at Mohawk CHP and BPD had enough and started arrested the ring leaders. Oliver Perry was (23) was arrested and was found to have a concealed laded handgun and was placed under arrest for weapons violations, Resisting among other charges. He was booked and taken to Kern county jail, plus his car was impounded.

Officers also arrested…

Danny Hernandez (18) of Bakersfield

Xander Moreno (19) of Bakersfield

Deon Walker ( 18) of clovis

Luis Hernandez ( 23) of Fresno

Jamal Graves ( 25) of Fresno

Then two geniuses went on a high speed chase before crashing and getting caught. They hit the Median at the 8400 block of liver street. Police arrested Simon Martinez and Jose Torres both from Wasco.


The losers in this group harassed pregnant woman and moms driving home. Police have video evidence and will find all involved.