East Hills Mall gets new Sucker… I mean owner

The scarcest part of Northeast Bakersfield for several years now has been the abandoned mall. After multiple attempts to revamp it… nothing has happened… The mall is the home for multiple homeless encampments.

The East Hills Mall, which is adjacent to Highway 178 between Mt. Vernon and Oswell streets, was built back in 1988. It really sucked in 2000 and has continue to suck until it shut down.

In January 2019, some crack heads tried to burn the old Mervyns down for reasons unkown and multiple fire crews from the Bakersfield City Fire Department responded. Then in February 2019, the City of Bakersfield labeled the site a potential public nuisance due to its condition. Homeless were urinating all other the place and Drugs run rampant.  The mall was under new ownership in 2017 and the city approved a redevelopment plan for the mall in 2018. But no changes were made and the largest Crack house in California continued to thrive.

Stephen Zimmerman, a private investor, is one of new owners of the former East Hills Mall and are looking to make major changes. According to a press release, the mall will be demolished as soon as possible. Its about time…

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