Gingerbread Kit Kats and Reese’s Peanut Brittle Are Coming

We’ve gone through the pumpkin spice phase of the year.  Now here come the holiday foods:  Hershey’s just unveiled its new holiday candy line-up for 2021.  And the two that are getting the most attention are Reese’s Peanut Brittle and Gingerbread Kit Kats.



The first one looks like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, but it’s crunchy peanut butter encased in peanut brittle-flavored cream.  The second one is self-explanatory . . . Kit Kats that taste like gingerbread.



They’re also debuting sugar cookie-flavored Hershey bars . . . and new vanilla Whoppers called “Snowballs”.  No word on when they’ll hit stores.



(Here are photos of the peanut brittle and gingerbread candies. did a round-up of all 13 holiday candies Hershey’s is releasing this year.)

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