Investor buys up 199 acres in northeast Bakersfield in the least desirable parts of town… what do they know?

It’s not horrible, but its not great. When people think of the good parts of Bakersfield they definitely don’t think of East Bakersfield. But far east hugging the wall of Kern Canyon is a community called City of Hills and there you will find a small pocket of homes that aren’t known for the crime that their counter parts have just 3 miles down the road. That must be what some Canadian-based company is banking on because they just bought 199 undesirable acers. That area has developed over the years and they now have a Me-and-Eds a Starbucks plus a pretty amazing park. But that doesn’t change the fact that just 3 miles away is one of the most deadliest parts of Bakersfield.

Maybe with the possible development of new homes and a commercial shopping area its possible that City of the Hills residents won’t have to drive by the old mall full of displaced homeless people to get to Target. With the expansion of Bakersfield heading West not East… this is a pretty big gamble. Only time will tell if it pays off.

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