People from LA are moving to Bakersfield in record numbers… that’s why you can’t find a house or apartment…

Bakersfield has over 17,000 apartment complexes, and they are all mostly full.

Who or what is to blame for this new problem? The answer is clear to some… Its people moving from LA for lower rent prices and that has affected the lack of availability here in Bakersfield. The housing crisis began in 2008-2009 with the great recession, and it hasn’t ever fully recovered.

Everyone agree’s the pandemic acted as part of the catalyst for the current housing crisis, but there are several factors also influencing the lack of availability here in Bakersfield.

One of the biggest drivers of the housing supply shortage is people being able to work from home, and now that they can do that… We’ve got people coming in from LA, Sacramento, San Diego, out of state even, and if they are moving in California and want to get out of the big cities. But why Bakersfield? Because its still Cheap…


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