Poor air quality hits the Kern County Fair so why are people still going?

The pandemic won’t stop Kern county residents from going to the fair, So why would horrible air quality? Risking headaches and adverse reactions and even Covid-19 the fair is still drawing large numbers of Kern county residents. With a a vaccine booth open for all to attend most are passing it by to get deep fried items and concerts held out side in Dangerous air alerts. Particle pollution has been linked to cardiovascular problems, including heart attacks, respiratory issues like asthma attacks and bronchitis, and even premature death, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Some have said that it is irresponsible for the Fair to continue to encouraging dangerous activities. While others have said its non of your damn business how they choose to live their lives. But now matter how you feel about it, that fact remains that the fair is Bakersfield’s Hottest attraction for the last week.

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