The Average Person Keeps Two Secrets from Their Friends and Family

If I asked you how many secrets you keep from your friends and family, you’d probably either struggle to come up with one, or tell me to make myself comfortable while you went through the process of counting them all.



According to a new study, the average person keeps TWO SECRETS from loved ones.  Which seems low, because you know there are people out there who keep EVERYTHING under wraps.



The person people are most likely to keep a secret from is their MOTHER . . . and one-in-six won’t even tell their deepest secret to a close friend.



Sadly, the most common secret people keep involves their mental health . . . with the second most common being “an embarrassing incident.”



The rest of the Top 10 are:  Internet history . . . snack habits . . . hygiene habits . . . how many partners you’ve had . . . credit card statements . . . that you’ve faked an illness to get out of something . . . an affair . . . and one night stands.



Others in the Top 25 include:  Smoking, drug, and alcohol habits . . . phobias . . . celebrity crushes . . . political opinions . . . and being a supporter of a football team your friends don’t like.  (???)  (SWNS)

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