The People Least Likely to Help You with Thanksgiving Dinner Include Kids, Husbands, and Dads

Do you pitch in and help on Thanksgiving?  Or do you just watch football and hope no one remembers you have arms?  Someone polled 2,000 people to find out who’s the LEAST helpful on Thanksgiving. 

The average host spends six hours in the kitchen, and the actual dinner only lasts 35 minutes.  Here are the people who are the most likely to get out of helping . . .

1.  Kids.

2.  Siblings.  Like if you invite your brother to come.

3.  Your partner or spouse.  They didn’t single out husbands.  But yeah . . . husbands.

4.  Your dad.

5.  Cousins.

6.  Your mom.

7.  Your grandmother.

8.  A family member’s partner or spouse.

9.  Your grandfather.

10.  Neighbors you invited.  The survey also found close to half of us would pay up to $5,000 to have our home magically cleaned top-to-bottom once the holidays are over. 

(Study Finds)

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