Top 10 Reasons Bakersfield is better than Fresno

Some outsiders have said that Bakersfield, CA and Fresno, CA are the same… Well they are not… Here or the top 10 reasons Bakersfield is better than Fresno.

10. Homeless: Fresno has a massive homeless problem… they run ramped all over the county… In Bakersfield they stay in Oildale and Visit the downtown area….

9. Cleanliness: Fresno looks dirty… Bakersfield looks brand new…at night.

8. Gangs: Fresno has a massive Gang problem… Bakersfield has an East side of Bakersfield problem.

7. Food: Fresno has a lot of chain options to choose from but very little local food spots… Bakersfield is full of BBQ Restaurants that are locally owned and Operated.

6. Patriotic: Fresno is full of low riders with Raider flags… Bakersfield is full of Lifted Trucks with American flags.

5. Community: Fresno can’t organize an outdoor event with out someone getting shot…. Bakersfield has the largest Cancer Run in the nation every year and it’s always safe.

4. City Council: Fresno Pays it city council members a full time salary… Bakersfield Doesn’t… so that way, they will really need money and bend to the will of others…

3. Police chief: Fresno’s Police chief works out so much he looks threating on TV Bakersfield’s sheriff looks like a Teddy bear that needs a hug…

2. Mayor: Fresno’s Mayer doesn’t cut all the red ribbons in town… Bakersfield’s Mayor never misses a ribbon cutting ceremony.

1. Desserts: Fresno has a famous donut shop… Bakersfield has a famous Ice cream chain, cake shop, cookie shop, and Cotton candy grapes…

Its pretty clear cut… Bakersfield is better…What do yo think? Comment below..

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