Why is it so expensive to rent a house or apartment in Bakersfield?

Its been said for years that Bakersfield is a cheap place to live. That the only reason to live in Bakersfield is because its a cheap place to live. But lately its become more and more expensive. The development of market-rate apartments has picked up. But its not enough. We have more people moving in to Kern county than ever before. Mostly  because LA sucks to live in and if someone can work remotely they will.  You don’t have the traffic LA has or the rent cost. You also have ample parking and parks to take your kids. But that might not last for long as all the houses and apartments are being purchased by those from LA and the Bay.

A 2019 study suggesting Kern County needed more than 26,000 units of affordable housing to meet demand of new residents, and that was before Covid made everyone want to leave the big cities.

If you think the homeless population is bad now, just wait until more families are evicted and the homeless flood the streets. If you need to see an example of what a market that’s priced to high can do. Just look at LA. For the family’s leaving to live in the promise land of Idaho, Texas, or Oregon. Good luck. Its just as expensive there and they don’t want you to move there from California. They don’t care if you are in the same political party or not. Your making their rent go up as well.

So where do you go? East my friends… Go east… Live in small towns in the hills for the best deals. Lake Isabella, Glenville, Weldon… But you better hurry… they are running out of room as well.

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