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Bakersfield’s 90s Till Now!

Welcome to Rewind 98.1 & 93.5, your time machine in Bakersfield, bringing the best hits from the 1990s to the present day! We’re the soundtrack to your workday, the rhythm to your weekends, and the station that’s with you for every memorable moment.

At Rewind 98.1 & 93.5, we’re more than just a radio station; we’re a part of the Bakersfield community, celebrating the songs and sounds that have become the backdrop of our lives. With a strong presence in Kern County, we’ve been broadcasting the chart-toppers and game-changers, from grunge and pop to the rise of hip-hop and the latest viral pop phenomena.

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Bakersfield family! Rewind 98.1 & 93.5, here to guide you through the heart and soul of our city. We’re more than just tunes, we’re a celebration of all things local. Today, we’re rolling out the red carpet for the unsung heroes of our community the local businesses that make Bakersfield truly special.

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Meet the owners

Locally Owned and Operated in the Central Valley!

Introducing Danny and Kait Hill, the trailblazing proprietors of Hill Broadcasting. As dedicated stewards of Rewind 98.1 and the vibrant 93.5 FM, they infuse every broadcast with a blend of nostalgia and contemporary zest. Danny and Kait’s fervor for music shines through in their carefully curated playlists, which are a hit with listeners of all ages. At Rewind 98.1, they celebrate the hits that defined generations, creating a rich tapestry of melodies that resonate with fans of classic tunes. Meanwhile, 93.5 FM serves up a lively mix of today’s chart-toppers and tomorrow’s promising beats. Together, they ensure Hill Broadcasting remains a staple in the community, championing the evolution of radio with every note played. Danny and Kait’s vision has established a musical sanctuary where the legacy of the classics meets the pulse of modern sound, enchanting an ever-expanding audience.


What Our Customers Say

Daily Listener

I listen to Rewind 98.1 daily and every song takes me back in time, and the DJs add a personal touch that makes it feel like home.

– Luis

Favorite Tunes

Rewind 98.1 rocks! ๐ŸŽถ It’s like they read my mind and play all my favorite tunes.


– Chuck

Ticket Giveaways

Rewind 98.1’s ticket giveaways are epic! Keep those contests coming, guys, you’re the real MVPs of radio!


– Marcus

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