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Danny Hill

Introducing Danny Hill, the dynamic owner of Hill Broadcasting, a visionary in the world of radio. With a passion for music and a keen ear for great tunes, Danny has carved his niche in the industry, bringing unforgettable experiences to listeners far and wide. As the proud owner of Rewind 98.1 and the legendary 103.7 Outlaw Country, Danny’s committed to delivering top-notch programming. With a deep appreciation for the timeless classics and an unwavering dedication to promoting Outlaw Country’s soulful melodies, he has created a haven for music enthusiasts seeking authentic and heartwarming tunes. From the foot-tapping hits of the past to the freshest sounds of today, Danny Hill and Hill Broadcasting continue to leave an indelible mark in the hearts of their ever-growing audience.

About Rewind 98.1 FM & 93.5 FM

Kait Hill

Kait Hill, owner of Bakersfield’s Outlaw Country Radio 103.7 and prominent local radio personality, embarked on her media odyssey in 2015 in Kauai, HI. Having ventured through various markets alongside her husband, Danny Hill, Kait and Danny chose to settle in the tight-knit community of Bakersfield – a place Kait fondly calls home and where they desired to raise their five children. In 2022, Kait further expanded her media influence by joining Studio 17. Beyond the airwaves and the demands of her businesses, she ardently engages in community events, continually intertwining her love for radio, family, and community.

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