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Package #1

Rewind Blast from the Past

Step into the Golden Era with Rewind 98.1! Our Rewind Blast from the Past package offers an extraordinary opportunity to connect with a diverse audience longing for the classics. Your brand will enjoy exposure through well-timed commercial spots during our beloved throwback shows, reaching a nostalgic and receptive demographic. Additionally, we will feature your business on our website and social media platforms, providing an extensive online presence. Capitalize on the power of nostalgia and partner with Rewind 98.1 to rejuvenate your marketing efforts and captivate your target market!

Package #2

Platinum Music Extravaganza

Unleash the Ultimate Country Experience with Outlaw Country 103.7! Our Platinum Music Extravaganza package guarantees an electrifying journey through the best of country music. With prime airtime slots, your brand will reach thousands of dedicated country enthusiasts, making a lasting impact on your target audience. This package includes high-frequency ad spots during our most popular shows, exclusive mentions by our renowned radio hosts, and engaging social media promotions to amplify your reach. Join forces with Outlaw Country 103.7 and let the power of our Platinum Music Extravaganza drive your brand to new heights!

Package #3

Dual Genre Domination


Conquer the Airwaves with a Dynamic Duo! Embrace the best of both worlds by choosing our Dual Genre Domination package, featuring an exclusive collaboration between Outlaw Country 103.7 and Rewind 98.1. Reach a diverse and extensive audience with this remarkable package that combines the timeless charm of classic hits and the soul-stirring melodies of country music. Benefit from strategically placed ad spots during prime-time programming on both stations, maximizing your brand’s visibility across two unique listener bases. Don’t miss the chance to make a memorable impact and forge an unforgettable brand identity with our Dual Genre Domination package!


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